Winters End at Cunningham Falls


It was time to get OUT! Out of the house, out of the cold, damp, misery of winter, and into some adventuring in the beautiful sunshine. Finally, winters end is in sight!

Last Saturday brought the most gorgeous, sun-soaked day since this past, well, probably December given the unseasonably warm weather we had then. We were so ready for it! We jumped in our car, and traveled west to an outdoor location we had been wanting to explore since we moved east: Cunningham Falls State Park in Frederick County, MD.

We had attempted a fun, adventure-packed trip to said park this past fall, but my poor Jed came down with a nasty cold/flu bug the night we drove up to go camping. He was a real trooper and stuck the night out…but sleeping on the cold, hard ground in freezing temperatures with a raw throat, runny nose and feeling like someone plowed you over with a two ton semi truck does not make for an enjoyable camping experience (memorable maybe, but definitely not enjoyable). Needless to say, neither of us slept well (or at all in Jed’s case), so we decided to pack up camp as soon as we got up the next morning and save the exploring for another day.

And that day finally came at the perfect time – just when we needed a real break from the yuck of the winter blah. We were both relieved to soak up the sun and breath in that fresh, nearly-spring air. Jed even convinced me to go log-hopping across a couple streams, camera and all.

To celebrate winter melting away, here’s a few shots from the day. I’ve also added a couple of these to the site to be purchased as prints and/or digital downloads under “Cunningham Falls.” You can view and purchase them here: Fine Art Gallery.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


IMG032 copy

Photo below by Jed Crawford – nice shot babe!!

IMG038 copy

IMG011BW copy

IMG015 copy

Winter is finally melting away!!

IMG044 copy

Another awesome shot by Jed:

IMG022 copy

Some funky lichen on the rock…also by Jed (love his eye for details!):

IMG018 copy

IMG002 copy

IMG004 copy





Andy & Karen

When you have a little sister, you play together; you fight over silly things together; you laugh together until you cry (or pee your pants); go shopping together; make messes in the kitchen together; have crazy sleepovers and stay up all night giggling and eating cookie dough together; and of course, you dream about your future husbands together. My sister and I have been doing all of the above for many years – we especially dreamed about finding our “prince charmings” (or Legolas Greenleaf and Kili from the Hobbit in our cases). Just a year and a half ago, I married mine (yay!!), and I now have the pleasure of watching my sister grow in love with the man of her dreams.

Andy_Karen181 copyWhen the right guy finally comes along, it is a true JOY to watch your sister grow in love, and especially to see her faith as a Christian mature as she embarks on a new journey with a Spiritual Leader like Andy. I always knew God would have a very special and unique man for Karen, and Andy has proven to be just that! They are like two peas in a pod, and their love for one another shines in their beaming smiles and glowing countenances.

Of course, I couldn’t let them get away over the break without taking some fun photos 🙂 I actually ended up using them as models for some test shots with my flash for the day, and we had so much fun! Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon – Thank you Karen & Andy!!! I had such a blast hanging out with you two, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord holds in store for your future together. Love you both!!

Andy_Karen261 copy

Andy_Karen227 copy Andy_Karen133BWAndy_Karen224 copy